High precision

A prerequisite for a modern radiation therapy is the use of the latest technology, taking into account the current radio-biological findings. This is why the conformal radiotherapy using high-precision linear accelerators is the standard in all practices. It is based on computer-aided, three-dimensional CT planning. Strahlentherapie Bonn-Rhine-Sieg also offers all of the tried and tested special forms of radiotherapy, including IMRT radiation, stereotactic radiation, breath-controlled radiation and brachytherapy.



Precise planning

Before the therapy begins, all of the patients are discussed in an interdisciplinary tumour conference in which radiotherapists, surgeons, internist oncologists, pathologists and radiologists take part and the therapy concept is jointly established. The complex radiation planning and the use of the latest technologies allow an optimum radiation dose at the target volume with the best possible protection of risk organs and healthy tissue.

  • Optimal and precise identification of the tumour region
  • Protection of risk organs
  • Optimized therapy dose
  • Avoidance/mitigation of side effects

Answers on the procedure

Close coordination

In order to keep the travel distances short for patients, the individual locations of the group practice Strahlentherapie Bonn-Rhine-Sieg are in the direct proximity of hospitals in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, Troisdorf and Euskirchen. All of the practices work closely with the nearby hospitals and with other clinics in the region as well as with local GPs, and are networked with each other in terms of information and personnel. The group practice Strahlentherapie Bonn-Rhine-Sieg also cooperates with Strahlentherapie Wesel.

Overview of practices


Radiotherapy procedere - general information (2:16 min.)


Bonn-Bad Godesberg am Waldkrankenhaus

Dr. med. D. Völzke
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dr.. H. Rief 
Waldstr. 73
53177 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Tel.: 0228 383825

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Bonn am St. Marien-Hospital

Dr. med. B. Mahlmann
Robert-Koch-Straße 1
53115 Bonn
0228 9265530

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Troisdorf am St. Josef-Hospital

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. R. Semrau 
Hospitalstr. 45
53840 Troisdorf
02241 999760

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Euskirchen am Marien-Hospital

Dr. med. A. Schmitz
Gottfried-Disse-Str. 42
53879 Euskirchen
02251 774090

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