Radiotherapy rectum carcinoma

Radiotherapy for bowel cancer

Particularly in the case of rectum cancer, a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is carried out in many cases after the operation to improve the chances of healing. Due to the anatomic conditions in the lesser pelvis, it is more difficult for the surgeon to remove the tumour with a large safety margin in rectum cancer than in colon cancer. Depending on the therapy concept, radiotherapy may also be used as a sole measure or prior to an operation.

The treatment of bowel cancer requires high-precision radiation.

As the bowel is very sensitive to radiation, the tumour region must be identified as precisely as possible. The healthy parts of the bowel and the bladder have to be protected as well as possible. Depending on the radiation plan, the patient lies on his stomach on a plate with a hole, through which part of the stomach with the intestinal loop is exposed ("hole board"). The rest of the stomach thus remains outside of the radiation field. Radiotherapy for bowel cancer uses TrueBeam linear accelerators to ensure high-precision irradiation.


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Possible side effects:

Infolge der Behandlung kann es zu akuten Nebenwirkungen sowie Spätreaktionen kommen, wie etwa Durchfall. Über die Risiken informiert Sie Ihr behandelnder Arzt ausführlich vor Beginn der Strahlentherapie. Um Nebenwirkungen möglichst gering zu halten, erhalten Sie Empfehlungen zur Ernährung.


Important recommendations during radiotherapy for bowel cancer:

  • Make sure you have an adequate and balanced diet.
  • Avoid foods that are sour, spicy, difficult to digest or bloating.
  • Shower with a mild washing lotion. The skin must not be irritated.
  • Go to the toilet (urination and bowel movement) 60-90 minutes before the CT and the radiation. Drink 1 litre of fluid before radiation begins (if possible without going to the toilet)..

Not allowed: swimming, sauna, full bath.

This information serves merely as an initial guide. For a personal and detailed initial talk please make an appointment.