Radiotherapy bronchial carcinoma

Radiation for lung cancer

In the case of lung cancer a distinction is made between small-cell and non-small-cell tumours. Radiotherapy is used in all cases of small-cell lung cancer. The radiotherapy usually takes place after chemotherapy or, where possible, parallel to chemotherapy.

The best results are achieved when radiotherapy is carried out simultaneously with chemotherapy.

Non-small-cell lung cancer is the more common type. Radiotherapy is also used here as a supplement to surgery and, as applicable, chemotherapy, or as a sole treatment method. The therapy approach in the individual case depends on the stage of the tumour, accompanying illnesses, the general condition and age of the patient.



Higher radiation dose while protecting the healthy tissue

The treatment results for a small tumour in the early stage with stereotactic radiation are regarded as just as good as the results after an operation. Tumours and metastases are irradiated precisely with high doses of radiation in "Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy" (SBRT). In combination with breath-controlled radiotherapy, the heart and the healthy lung receive maximum protection.

Important: do not smoke!

Therapy approaches for lung cancer:

  • Chemotherapy + radiotherapy
    • simultaneously
  • Operation + radiotherapy
    • adjuvant
  • Primary radiotherapy
    • sole / curative
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Possible side effects:

The therapy may lead to acute side effects and late reactions such as inflammation of the esophagus or the lung. These are generally easy to treat. Your doctor will inform you in detail about the risks before the radiotherapy begins. In order to keep side effects to an absolute minimum, you also receive advice on diet.


Important recommendations during radiotherapy for lung cancers:

  • Make sure you have an adequate and balanced diet.
  • Mild, lukewarm foods are suitable.
  • Shower with a mild washing lotion. The skin must not be irritated!

Not allowed: nicotine, alcohol, swimming, sauna, full bath, wet shaving.

This information serves merely as an initial guide. For a personal and detailed initial talk please make an appointment.